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Thank you for joining my journey!  It’s On My List is not just a travel site, but also a movement to inspire purposeful adventure, impactful connection, and mindful travel practices.

My name is Erin and I’m an enthusiastic digital storyteller, ice cream fanatic, and conversationalist with a serious case of wanderlust.  By the time I turned 23 I had visited 22 different countries on 4 separate continents.  But perhaps the most life-changing adventure was living alone in China for 6 months. Despite the culture shock, severe language barrier, and struggle to figure out how chopsticks work, Asia taught me how to trust myself and create a world in which authenticity, mindfulness, and vulnerability are the only ways of survival.

It’s On My List is a platform devoted to stories from abroad, life lessons in travel, and the incredible people who impacted my journey. Here you will find not only travel advice, itineraries, and top-ten lists, but also ways to practice mindfulness, engage with others, and live a more purposeful life.

My mission is to positively influence the lives of others

by cultivating the values of Gui Ren through impactful storytelling

and mindful conversation about travel and life.

Gui Ren

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Gui Ren is a written Chinese phrase that encapsulates the synchronicity of people entering your life with purposeful timing to help guide you through difficult challenges.

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Gui Ren: Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary People

Erin O'Neil graduated from college with a plane ticket across the globe and her dream job in hand. She had all the building blocks in place for a successful post-graduate career and a thrilling adventure. But when all fell tumbling down on her, and she found herself stranded in Shanghai, China, unemployed and heartbroken, she knew she had a decision to make.

Gui Ren is about a young woman's mission to prove that there is always a choice; that it's possible to perceive a devastating loss as an opportunity to grow. It's about the synchronicity of adventure and the people who impacted her life along the way. It is about the places that left her breathless and the people who changed her life forever.

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Stranded in Asia

When a young woman finds herself stuck in China, unemployed, and only $2,000 in her savings account, she set out on an international adventure that would change her life forever.  Join us on a journey of self-discovery as her spirit is enriched with lessons in impermanence, trust, patience, vulnerability, and love.  Meet the traveler who dauntlessly bounded into worlds unknown and the influential people she met along the way.  Hear the comedic tales of navigating grocery stores, banks, and public transportation using only charades and Google translate.  See how unpredictable challenges impacted a young woman's global perspective, and identify some of the key traits of an immersive travel experience.  These extraordinary stories of ordinary people will lift your heart and leave you filled with wanderlust.


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Catch up on the adventures through the lens of a camera (or two… Or five.)

Stranded in Asia: A Speaker Series

These sessions introduced to the public what it was like to travel alone, adjust to life abroad, and face difficult decisions halfway around the world.  Attendees not only received travel tips and personal insight, but also met the people who impacted a greater journey.

It’s On My List

A collection of vlogs and highlight videos from Erin’s six-month adventure through Southeast Asia.

Shanghai Vlog Series

This playlist is a blast from the past as Erin vlogged her very first experiences in China during an internship in Shanghai.

Abroad and Boundless

A YouTube series devoted to celebrating Butler University students as they share their study abroad experiences and encourage other students to pursue opportunities in travel.

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